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woleium 9 days ago
Because that worked so well for RIM
gigatexal 11 days ago
Maybe between the two of them they’ll have enough smarts not to pull that BS they did with the Helldivers game requiring a PSN account to play even on PC.
andersa 10 days ago
Feels like any game that requires a third party account for whatever technical reasons ought to have a "just do it" button that creates an account you can login to via Steam with no further interaction required, which must work in all regions the game is sold in.

For example, games using EOS for cross platform play can do this. Why couldn't PSN do the same?

garaetjjte 10 days ago
I don't know why Valve doesn't crack down on this crap. It's game on Steam so it should work only with Steam account, not whatever crappy launcher publisher came up this week.
andersa 9 days ago
There are many reasons to not use steam accounts or only use them for logging into another backend, such as cross play over multiple stores and platforms. The problem really is just the convenience. There's no reason it has to be this clunky.
10 days ago