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fjfaase 10 days ago
Most of the references in this article are from decades ago. It feels like denotational semantics has not become the success is claimed to be. I studied the book: 'The Denotational Description of Programming Languages: An Introduction' by Michael J. C. Gordon from 1979 while studying computer science in the eighties.

One of the references in the article, is a reference to the book: 'Denotational Semantics: A Methodology for Language Development' https://www.scss.tcd.ie/Andrew.Butterfield/Teaching/CS4003/D...

RaftPeople 10 days ago
I took a Denotational Semantics course in college in the 80's. I was completely lost, despite going to class every day and trying to understand what they were teaching.

I got a 37% on the mid-term and thought "holy f, this is a class I am not going to pass, wtf is going on?"

I went to the prof during office hours, explained I'm confused, he asked to see my mid-term and exclaimed "Hey, you got the highest score!"

To this day I can still see the gray skinny little textbook with the title "Denotational Semantics" and I still wonder "what the heck was that course about?"

GianFabien 9 days ago
Same here. Still got the book on my bookshelf. Still don't get it. Never needed it.
zvr 10 days ago
The article itself is more than a decade old: "Submitted on 20 Sep 2013".
Jtsummers 10 days ago

Other essays from the same occasion.

zvr 10 days ago
Needs a "(2013)" in the HN title.
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